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Reger Organ Works
Reger Organ Works, David Goode

Volume 1

This 3 CD set collects together Reger’s seven majestic chorale fantasias (including Wachet auf  and Hallelujah! Gott zu loben) as well as the popular 7 Pieces Op. 145 and associated chorale preludes, all atmospherically recorded on the Hill/Klais organ in Bath Abbey.

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Reger Organ Works, David Goode

Volume 2

This brings together Reger’s two largest pieces for organ, the lyrical and inventive Variations on an Original Theme Op. 73, and the mighty Introduction, Passacaglia and Fugue Op. 127, together with a collection of shorter works, recorded on the substantial Klais organ in Symphony Hall, Birmingham.  

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Reger Organ Works, David Goode

Volume 3

This single disc presents four major works with fugues: the little-known C minor Fantasia and Fugue Op. 29, the Fantasia and Fugue on BACH (one of his grandest works), the titanic Symphonic Fantasy and Fugue Op. 57, and the popular late Fantasia and Fugue Op. 135b, all recorded on the Hill/Klais organ in Bath Abbey.

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Other recordings

Parry Organ Works, David Goode

A Parry Collection

This is a representative selection of Parry’s organ music, including the well-known ‘Wanderer’ Fantasy and Fugue and several beautiful shorter works, played on the historic 1902 Hill organ of Eton College Chapel (where Parry was a student).

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Bach Organ Works, David Goode

Bach from Freiberg

An absorbing recital of some of Bach’s favourite organ works, large and small, played on the historic 1714 Silbermann organ in the Freiberg Dom (which Bach may well have played himself).

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20th Century Organ Works, David Goode


A cross-section of major works from the early 20th-century by some of the most important composers of the time - Nielsen, Busoni, Martin, Schmidt and Janacek - recorded on the fine neo-Classical Rieger organ in Christ Church, Oxford.

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